In Minethings, bait can be used to catch fish, which can be used for certain melds. To catch fish, it is required to be a fisherman. Bait can be aquired by mining items in a bait mine; different colors of bait catch one of its corresponding color fish. Fish can be either sold or made into melds, and can be very profitable as long as you don't get pirated. Also, while fishing, you have a chance to find treasure from sunken ships, meaning fishing can be very profitable if you find something good.



Each bait type catches fish of the same colour. Accordingly, there are six different baits: Lure, Balyhoo, Mullet, Herring, Eel and Squid (going from yellow through to orange). The varying price of bait in the different cities affects how profitable each bait is at the given city. All bait originates from a bait mine, which you can purchase from the shop with either gold or credits. The bait mine is located on daigard, on the second island, which can only be accesed by ships.


Fish types/meldsEdit

Yellow fish: Flounder, Dogfish, Barracuda, Manta Ray.

Green fish: King Mackerel, Grouper, Mahi-mahi, Blue Shark.

Blue fish: Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, Amberjack, Wahoo.

Red fish: Bluefin Tuna, Thresher, White Marlin, Mako Shark.

Purple fish: Striped Marlin,  Hammerhead,  Bigeye Tuna,  Swordfish.

Orange fish: Blue Marlin,  Black Marlin,  Spearfish,  G. White Shark.

Treasure Edit

While fishing, you may find that some of your bait has been replaced with items. This is called finding treasure, and it happens while your a fisherman with bait, going over a shipwreck. If that shipwreck happened to have items, your bait will be replaced by them. Usually you'll just get junk and end up wasting your bait, but occasionally, you can get things like cannons, fish, and weapons, which can be very profitable.