Daigard was made on the 14th Aug, and with it came the awesome new addition of ships, cannons and bait/fish.  Daigard is currently the only city not on the mainland. To reach it you need 20 melds and a ship. There are 2 routes to daigard:

Cissna -> Daigard     200km

Burbana -> Daigard   260km

There are plenty of shipwrecks along the way to look at :)

A major risk of this is Manifests control of the seas.  On the first day ships were available, he was one of the first to arrive on Daigard.  Many now call Daigard "Manifest's Island" because of his entire control.  he has used countless explosives(including 2 BLU-82's) and has sunk the only 2 Ferry's in existence.  to date, he has not found a ferry himself