Your home city is the city where all your melds are made and where you get a +5 BPH bonus to all your mines. When you join, your home city will be Harmond. This means that you get a +5 BPH bonus to all your mines in Harmond. To change home cities you have to have discovered another city. There is no point moving if you do not have mines in other cities.

Moving Edit

When you have mines in other cities you might want to move to the city your mines are in, in order to get the +5 BPH bonus for them. You can only move once a week, but that shouldn't matter since you wont move often. Remember that when you move, you lose your +5 BPH bonus for the mines in the city you moved from. When you move, all of your melds will be broken apart into the raw components, and you will have a meld count of 0. As a result, you will not be able to choose a profession until you make 10 melds in your new home city, which can be done a few ways:

  • Move 10 melds worth of items to the city beforehand so you can assemble them immediately
  • Buy the items in the city from other players
  • Get someone else to move your items for you.

Moving is a procedure that should only really be undertaken if necessary (i.e. if you have mines in another city that will really benefit from the +5 BPH bonus). Under no circumstance should you move to Pirates Peak or Trader Tree!